Jefri Nichol: The New Face of Vivo Condom Fantasy, Strengthening Reproductive Health Mission during Visit to Danpac Pharma

  • Published: 07 Feb 2024
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Jakarta, 19 Januari 2024 - In their latest move marking their commitment to reproductive health and safety, Vivo Condom proudly announces their collaboration with renowned Indonesian actor, Jefri Nichol. Serving as the brand ambassador and Fantasy Vivo envoy, Nichol visited the headquarters of Danpac Pharma, the company behind the innovation and distribution of Vivo Condom, to deepen his understanding of the brand's vision and mission and participate in productive dialogue about more effective education and prevention strategies.

Nichol's presence at Danpac Pharma is not just a formality but part of a joint effort to raise awareness about the importance of condom use in preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and as an effective contraceptive tool. With his charisma and broad influence, especially among young people, Nichol is the right choice to convey this vital message to the wider community. During the visit, Nichol had the opportunity to meet and discuss with the team behind Vivo Condom, from product developers to the marketing team.

Through these discussions, he gained deeper insights into the innovations and technology used in Vivo Condom products, as well as the company's philosophy on the importance of sexual health and safety. "Reproductive health awareness is extremely important, and I am proud to work with Vivo Condom to spread this message," said Nichol. "This visit has given me a new perspective on how crucial this product is in helping the community make responsible choices." Vivo Condom is committed to not only providing high-quality, safe, and comfortable condoms but also to actively participating in public education about safe and responsible sex.

The collaboration with Jefri Nichol is a strategic step in rallying support and awareness, with the hope that this message will reach a broader audience and have a positive impact on public health. This visit is proof of the joint commitment between Jefri Nichol and Vivo Condom to build a healthier and more responsible society. Through this collaboration, both parties hope to make a real difference in how society views and manages reproductive health.

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