Celebrating Two Decades of Innovation and Growth: Danpac Pharma's 20th Anniversary

  • Published: 28 Feb 2024
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Jakarta, December 11, 2023 - In a joyful atmosphere filled with the spirit of innovation, Danpac Pharma celebrated its 20th Anniversary with an inspiring theme, "Breaking Boundaries, Building Futures". This event is not only a symbol of Danpac Pharma's journey over two decades but also a promise to continue breaking boundaries and building a brighter future.

The celebration ceremony began with a warm welcome from Mr. Yoevan Wiraatmaja, the President Director of Danpac Pharma, who described the company's journey from its inception to becoming a major player in the pharmaceutical industry. "As the Managing Director of a medical device company in Indonesia celebrating its 20th anniversary, my hopes for Danpac moving forward are as follows":

  1. Sustainable Growth: Targeting sustainable and stable growth by expanding market reach and developing new innovative products.

  2. Innovation and Research: Focusing on innovation and research to create more effective and efficient healthcare products that can meet the needs of the Indonesian population.

  3. Product Quality and Safety: Emphasizing the importance of product quality and safety to meet international standards and gain consumer trust.

  4. Human Resource Development: Investing in skill and capability development of employees to ensure the company has a capable and competent team.

  5. Strategic Partnerships: Seeking and developing strategic partnerships with various parties, including the government, health institutions, and other companies, to enhance the company's reach and impact.

  6. Social and Environmental Contributions: Committing to corporate social responsibility and environmentally friendly business practices to make a positive contribution to society and the environment.

  7. Adaptation to Change: Quickly adjusting business strategies to respond to market dynamics and changes in health policies to ensure business continuity.

  8. Customer Service Improvement: Continuously improving customer service, including after-sales support and consultation services, to ensure customer satisfaction.

"This is a hope that reflects the forward-looking vision for growth, innovation, and positive contributions to society and the health industry," said Mr. Yoevan, the President Director of Danpac Pharma.

One of the most memorable moments in this celebration was the cutting of a blue tumpeng, aligned with the company's logo color. The cutting of the tumpeng is a tradition rich in meaning, symbolizing gratitude and hopes for blessings and success in the future. All employees appeared enthusiastic and involved in this moment, enjoying the warm and familial togetherness.

Through the theme "Breaking Boundaries, Building Futures", Danpac Pharma reaffirms its vision and mission emphasizing the concept of moving beyond traditional boundaries to create new opportunities and a promising future. It's about innovation and forward-thinking in the company's transformation journey.

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