Danpac Anniversary “Growing and Evolving for 19 Years”

  • Published: 13 Dec 2022
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Jakarta, 12 November 2022 – Danpac Pharma has grown and developed together for 19 years by presenting integrated products consisting of research, production and distribution. Danpac continues to develop and develop to ensure the safety, comfort and ease of access of its products with the aim of improving the quality of the health and welfare of its consumers.

Danpac Pharma was first established in 2003 located at Permata Executive Apartment, Danpac has developed very rapidly as can be seen from the growth of employees, which initially started with only 3 people in 2003 and now danpac employees more than 200 people.

Danpac Pharma celebrates the company's 19th anniversary which falls on December 11, 2022. With the theme "Growing and Developing for 19 Years", PT Danpac Pharma celebrates its birthday offline at Danpac head office with all directors and all employees. A series of Danpac Pharma's birthday events were opened with speech from the board of directors and a joint prayer followed by cutting the cake and playing several games to maintain the cohesiveness that had been built so far.

"I used to dream to have my own production and company and create jobs for lots of people, now most of it has been achieved but I will always dream even higher so that the company can grow even more, my hope for Danpac is that Danpac will be around to give positive impacts to the community tens or even hundreds of years from now.” said Danpac Pharma's CEO, Yoevan Wiraatmaja.

With the vision and mission that has been running for as long as it was established, it is hoped that Danpac Pharma will always grow every day. Hopefully it will always be the trust of its consumers by always providing a sense of security and comfort in each of its products. (EFA)

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